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Cosmetic Dentistry

Greenwood Cosmetic Dentistry: Get the Perfect Smile Now!

Cosmetic Dentistry Greenwood, IndianapolisA bright, new confident smile can be one of your best assets. Greenwood cosmetic dentist Jay Rifkind, D.D.S., is highly trained in a wide range of dental makeover options and want to work with you to create the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. If you’re unhappy with your stained, chipped, or crooked teeth, it’s time to contact Dr. Rifkind.

Many of our Greenwood cosmetic dentistry patients have been pleased to learn that it may not be as expensive or time-consuming as they imagined. At Jay Rifkind DDS PC we’re happy to schedule appointments at a time that’s convenient for you and we have a range of affordable payment options available to fit your budget.

Why wait another moment? It’s time to invest in the gorgeous, healthy smile of your dreams. Call Jay Rifkind DDS PC at (888)285-0218 now or complete our simple online form to schedule a consultation with cosmetic dentist Dr. Jay Rifkind.


Dental bonding can shape your new smile.

Dental bonding is a process similar to sculpting. Dr. Rifkind uses a special material that mimics the look and feel of natural teeth to repair damaged, discolored, or otherwise flawed teeth. This process is quick, affordable, and painless.

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Go to the bright side with porcelain crowns.

Crowns are often used by Dr. Rifkind to repair cracked, worn, or damaged teeth. Sometimes called a “cap,” in the past dark metal crowns were used, which interfere with the natural beauty of your mouth. Now you can choose bright white porcelain crowns, which reflect light and give your mouth a naturally healthy glow.

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Tooth-colored fillings restore your mouth to its original, natural beauty.

No more metal mouth! Now you can replace those aging metallic fillings with beautiful, translucent tooth-colored composite fillings. Dr. Rifkind can restore your smile to its original beauty.

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Complete your smile with modern dental implants.

You’ve probably heard of dental implants – they’re used to affix artificial teeth to the jaw permanently, providing the most natural replacement for missing teeth. Dr. Rifkind will assess your oral tissue and jawbone ridge to ensure that they’re in good shape – a requirement for implants. It’s almost like having your natural teeth back again, and you’ll be so glad you looked into dental implants.

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Porcelain dental veneers: a manicure for your smile

Veneers are ultra-thin porcelain shells that fit right over your own teeth. Dr. Rifkind can design them to cover gaps, lengthen stubby teeth, brighten dull or yellow teeth, and cover up chips, cracks, and other imperfections.

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Think that bright, white, sparkling teeth are reserved for movie stars?

Not when you use Dr. Rifkind’s proven tooth whitening treatments! Transform stained, discolored, or aging teeth into a dazzling, youthful, whiter smile after as little as one cosmetic dentistry appointment.

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