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Dr. Jay Rifkind

I am Dr. Jay Rifkind, a tooth whitening dentist in Greenwood. I have been serving the community for many years, and I know exactly what my clients need when they come to me for help. With the years of experience that I have in the industry, I will use that to tend to your every problem with utmost care.

If you need a family dentistry to depend on for dental care, then you are at the right place. You’ll get the tailored service that will keep your family’s dental health at its peak.  As your dentist, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the personalized attention you deserve.

I will go through every case very carefully to give the best possible solutions for it. Indianapolis cosmetic dental uses all the state of the art procedures to make every event completely painless and quick for the patient.  We’re the best at Smile Restoration, working with the latest technology in the industry to bring the best results to you.

Each patient goes through a comprehensive dental exam on their initial visit. This includes dental x-rays, gum disease evaluation, tooth decay examination, oral cancer screening, and the existing restorations present within the client’s mouth. This is done to understand the present condition of the teeth, and gums to build an actionable report for the client. We go through step by step process after the solutions are assigned for the patient to deal with each problem effectively.

Dealing with specific issues

For Young Children, giving them the right direction from the very beginning is the only way to help them maintain their dental health. Many times children listen to the advice given by a calm, and patient family dentist in Indianapolis. I know how to build a bond with young children, showing them the right path of maintaining the best personal hygiene.

If your teeth have dark stains due to a number of reasons, then teeth whitening procedure in Indianapolis is the best way to go. It’s a simple process that can be easily completed in one session. When satisfied by the procedures, you can easily fix up recare-appointments at regular intervals to check the condition of your teeth, and take appropriate measures.

A number of people have questions about their insurance benefits connected with our service. I assure you that all your questions will be answered, and our office is open to your calls to clear out all your concerns easily. You’ll get the right answers that will maximize the benefits that you can get from your insurance.

Plus, you’ll enjoy our friendly, caring team and our pleasant, relaxed environment.

Credentials and Memberships

  • American Dental Association
  • Indiana Dental Association
  • Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation
  • Indianapolis District Dental Society
  • Internet Dental Alliance Member
  • CEREC Clinician and Lecturer